• To enhance students’proficiency and competency in the English language   
  • To enable pupils to develop attitudes and competencies for life-long learning to think and communicate; to acquire, develop and apply knowledge; to respond and give expression to experience 
  • To use English as a tool or a medium for communication, for formal study, for entertainment, for appreciation and for pleasure
  • To promote pupils’ interest and active participation in learning English by providing a positive and stimulating learning environment
  • To offer every pupil the right to a second language which provides further opportunities of extended knowledge and experience cultures of other people
  • To allow pupils to explore more in different text types and language arts in the curriculum




  • 2 NETs – each student has English lessons with NET every week 
  • School-based writing programme (to improve students' writing skill)
  • Programmes for catering for learners’ differences – e.g. enrichment courses (NETs), enhancement classes, English elite class (English Drama), co-teaching, small classes, remedial classes, etc
  • Room 102 – a learning area for students to attend English classes